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Wonderful Priest

At every stage, the Sastrigal (Priest) explained in detail the importance of this Homa (fire ceremony). He said that by performing this Homa one gets rid of Doshas (afflictions) and obstacles. Now my days are going well after this homa.
~ Gopi Krishna, Rajahmundry

Difficult to find priest

I am very far to temples and having no time to go temple. This online service to find priest is most useful to me. I find my priest here and satisfied with their service. Thank you.
~ Begum, Hyderabad

Good Experience

I felt happy because the Priest seemed to be very learned and experienced in his profession and conducted the Homa very nicely and the ritual was quite orderly. I recommend every person to utilize the services provided by Ineedpriest, they are giving a good service.
~ Srinivasa Rao, Vizag